• Chamber releases local COVID business lockdown and re-opening survey results

    The Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce is pleased to share the results of a survey they recently circulated to members on COVID-19 business closures, AHS restrictions and re-openings.
    Rick More, Chamber CEO commented. “Part of our advocacy efforts has been to ensure government truly understands the impact this crisis and the measures designed to contain it are having on small business and those they employ. This data validates our message that all business are essential and the urgency of permanently re-opening our economy. Despite the demonstrated success businesses have had in safely operating and limiting transmission risk they remained partially or fully shuttered due to government decree and without adequate supports.”
    The survey showed that the business closures and restrictions have severely negatively impacted the majority of businesses and that the majority of people do not support current restrictions. Only 17% fully support the current restrictions and only 3.5% would not be comfortable visiting places of business upon re-openings.
    56% of businesses report having substantially less revenue, 20% are concerned their business cannot outlast restrictions and 41% have had to make layoffs due to COVID. “This is a scary reality as businesses are frustrated, bills are piling up and there is limited data to support these measures. We’re approaching a breaking point of even more layoffs, massive unemployment and permanent closures,” commented More.
    “To make matters worse 30% say government supports have not been adequate” said More. 76% of respondents have utilized the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, 56% the Canada Emergency Business Account and 30% the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy.
    The data is showing us that once the restrictions are lifted it will be months or even years before most businesses recovery to pre-COVID levels of activity. Over the next 12 months 17% expected their business to contract, 55% predicted it to stay about the same and 28% predicted their business to grow.
    The Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce is a non-partisan, collaborative leader in building a vibrant community and fosters an environment where businesses can lead, be innovative, sustainable, and grow.