• Chamber responds to 2019 Alberta Budget

    What we are seeing is a budget that sets the tone for the next four years.
    We have a new provincial government that inherited an inflated expense sheet along with severe revenue limitations. They’re taking a measured and balanced approach to reducing spending without shocking services recognizing Alberta spends far more per-capita on programs relative to other provinces.
    We appreciate this governments move to a low-rate, broad based tax system with a focus on competitiveness with key initiatives like the job creation tax cut, changes to capital cost allowance, and efforts to reduce red tape and regulations.
    Funding commitments to mental health, addictions, and tackling the opioid crisis will make a meaningful impact on the social issues negatively affecting our city.
    Locally, we were disappointed not to see a commitment to expand the Red Deer Hospital. However it is promising that funds remain allocated to project planning.
    Overall we feel this is one of the best budgets Alberta has seen in many year’s, taking important steps to battle macroeconomic headwinds and export limitations by creating a competitive business environment conducive to startups and growth.