• The importance of recognition

    The importance of recognition

    With the 2018 Business of the Year nominations now open let’s talk more about why putting your organization’s name or another’s forward is well worth the effort.
    Marketing. From social media ads, videos, press releases and more, just being short-listed for this award provides nominated businesses with free exposure. You can increase your brand awareness in the community and reach new business contacts.

    “We definitely felt a lot of benefit just from the exposure in the community, whether that was through social media or from people that attended the event”
    “Being able to share a little bit more about what we do, what we are passionate about, why we are doing what we are doing and having the community hear that was a really great opportunity”
    - Jonathan Strome, Bower Ponds Recreation, 2016 Business of the Year Finalist, Young Entrepreneur

    Reflection. The application and interview process can make you to look at your business from another perspective. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day operations of a business and not look back on your accomplishments, regardless of how big and small and take a moment to be proud of what your business has done. Conversely, you’ll also see where there are areas for growth and change. This process requires you to step back and look at your business from afar and is often a welcomed activity afterwards.

    Credibility. Being nominated for a Business of the Year award can provide a business with increased legitimacy and act as endorsement for your business. Nominees, finalists, and winners regularly use the recognition in marketing and promotional materials.
    “Gave me legitimacy in the community”

    “Three or four people that attended the awards actually hired me” “I cannot even count how many clients I have now because of the recognition”
    - Valena Lengwenus, The Curvy Brush, 2017 Business of the Year Finalist, Young Entrepreneur

    Employee motivation and recognition. We all know that an organizations strength if founded in the people that comprise it. With your award nomination or win you can see employee motivation and morale increase as staff feel proud to be part of a successful organization.

    “It was a way to celebrate our team, the hard work that they do and there was a lot to be celebrated”
    - Christine Slaymaker, Dance Magic Studio, 2017 Finalist, 11-20 Employees

    The Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards celebrates local business excellence annually during the Business Development Bank of Canada’s (BDC) Small Business Week in October. In recent years the awards have expanded to a totally of five awards, 1-10 Employees, 11-20 Employees, 21+ Employees, Young Entrepreneur and new for 2018, the Non-Profit award. Nominees do not have to be a Chamber member. The 2018 nominations are open until July 27th at 4:30pm. Nominations can be made online at this link or in person at the Chamber office.

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