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Homeless Task Force

Task Force on Homelessness

During the City of Red Deer’s 2022 Point in Time Homeless count, 334 individuals were identified as experiencing homelessness, more than double the 144 individuals identified as experiencing homelessness in 2018.

Recognizing the growing impacts of homelessness throughout Red Deer, the Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce formed a volunteer Task Force of volunteers to understand the homelessness situation in Red Deer better and identify specific areas where the business community can actively contribute to address the issue and advocate for meaningful change.


Interim What We Heard Report

Following eight months of comprehensive research, reviews of best practices, targeted interviews, and community conversations, the Task Force on Homelessness is pleased to announce the release of its interim "What We Heard" report.

The interim report outlines the Task Forces’ understanding of the homelessness situation in Red Deer and provides a summary of what has been learned during the research phase.

Interim Report 


Next Steps
In April 2024, the Task Force will deliver a final report using building on the interim report and feedback to create a set of actionable recommendations for the community to consider.