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Show Them You Are Local


#LoveLocalRD is an open invitation to the city of Red Deer to shop local and appreciate the dedication, passion, and unique personalities of its local businesses. In a world that feels divided, it’s an encouragement to better reach the people in our community, through a shared shopping experience that relies on real human connections rather than simple convenience. As a local business with our vibrant campaign pink signage, shoppers can easily see that your organization is not a cold and far-removed corporate entity – but instead that it is someone’s dream come to life, ready to offer something incredible that cannot be replicated elsewhere.




How to Participate

Participation in the LoveLocalRD movement is simple. Just follow the below steps:


Step 1:

Enter your information below to let us know you are participating.

Step 2:

Download your free business kit, which includes templated social posts, quick print posts, and a how-to guide to spotlighting your business either by photo & write-up or video.


Love Local How-To Guide for Businesses

This guide will provide direction on how to use the campaign materials to showcase your business as local, provide steps to spotlight your business via video or photo & write-up, and use the template social media posts.

Download How-To Guide



Template Love Local Social Media Post Visuals

Copy for the template social media posts is found in the How-To Guide, as is the Canva link to download the templates and work with them from Canva. Basic visuals to accompany the template post copy are below.

Download Social Media Visuals



Love Local Poster

Show the town you’re local by printing the Love Local poster at a Red Deer local print shop and hanging it in your business window.

Download Poster



Love Local Contest Sign

Raise awareness about the 3rd campaign contest, running from November 1st to December 19th, by printing the Love Local Contest Sign at a Red Deer local print shop and posting it around your business for people to see.

Download Contest Sign



Love Local Logo Package

Want to create an extra piece of signage using the LoveLocalRD campaign theme? Download a one-pager brand guideline & the logo package below.

Download Logo Package 

Still have questions?


Reach out to for all the answers

Become a Chamber Member!


We want every voice in Red Deer’s business community to be active – that’s why becoming a member of the RDCC is as easy as clicking the link below. Join Today!



Follow the LoveLocalRD social channels to discover Red Deer local businesses and upcoming contests.